Money Management

What is a family budget?

A family budget is a management tool that allows you to optimize the use of your resources so you can achieve your goals and satisfy your needs. In other words, it is a way of organizing your expenses according to your income so that you can fulfill your obligations.
A budget is a way of managing your finances regularly by keeping track of where your money comes from and what you do with it. This planning also indicates whether you are living within your means.

What are the advantages of preparing a family budget?

  • Understand your income and expenses.
  • Find ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Look for new sources of income such as a new business or investments.
  • Identify the areas where the most money is being spent and see if there is any money being wasted.
  • Determine your debt amount.

Creating a family budget will help you identify what you are spending your money on, show you what your saving capacity is and help guide you towards better money management based on your goals.