We can help you reduce your debt


  • A middle age couple had a combined debt of $60,000 in credit cards and lines of credit. They were unable to keep up with their $1,350 minimum payments every month. We helped them reduce their debt to $21,000 with no interest and they are now making one monthly payment of $350. This gave them an instant increase in their monthly cash flow.
  • A single mother of two had $18,000 of debt in student loans plus $8,000 in credit card loans for a total of $26,000. She graduated 9 years ago and still hadn’t paid it off. We were able to reduce all of her total debts to $7,500. We set-up a payment plan of $125 a month, an amount she could afford, with a zero percent interest rate. Because her student loan was more than 7 years old the consumer proposal helped cancel the student loan.
  • An elderly couple, living on a fixed income, had used their credit cards to pay for medical-related expenses. They are now healthy but unable to manage the payments on $32,000 of debt. We worked to eliminate all of their debt so that they were able to live on their fixed income without any further financial stress.
  • A business owner had close to $90,000 of personal and business debt. We were able to reduce her debt down to $36,000 with monthly payments of $600. This enabled her to continue operating her business and increased her income substantially.