Is a Consumer Proposal good for me?


Let's do a financial health check first. Do any of these major warning signs of financial difficulty sound familiar?

  • Do you feel you are drowning in debt?
  • Repeatedly thinking how are you going to make ends meet? Always saying to yourself "I'll pay it later"?
  • Constantly troubled and upset because of money problems?
  • Having difficulty paying your monthly bills regularly and on time? missing payments or falling behind on your mortgage? property taxes? rent? utilities?
  • You can't seem to pay more than the minimum payments on your credit cards? Loans?
  • Do you need to use credit at all times to cover your monthly expenses? your everyday household expenses?
  • Are you receiving past-due notices on household bills?
  • Are you constantly borrowing money to make it from one payday to the next? or to cover monthly payments on existing loans? credit cards?
  • Using your overdraft most months?
  • Are you uncertain how much you owe in total?
  • Having arguments about money problems in your family?
  • Charging more each month than you pay on credit?
  • Are you over your borrowing limit on your credit cards? overdraft? line of credit?
  • Have been considering consolidating your debts?
  • Are you being harassed by collection agencies calling you all day long? sued by creditors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be heading for debt problems. In order to stop your debt from growing and reduce your financial burden, a consumer proposal may be your best option as long as you are eligible. A consumer proposal that has been accepted by your creditors can help eliminate your debt much faster than you think.


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